Monday, February 28, 2011

What's your passion?

Is this a helpful question for someone trying to discern what they should do with the rest of their life? Author Daniel Pink discusses this topic in a profound article in The Telegraph online.

If you have ever been asked this question or maybe you ask yourself this question -- trying to determine your best path forward -- then i highly recommend this article.

Pink states that maybe the better question is: "What do you do in your free time?"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brainstorm like Disney...

The 99% website posted this article about brainstorming & making ideas happen. It is a concise but profound piece on how to create ideas and then make them a reality in a practical and efficient process.

Nature vs Nurture...

How much impact does genetics have on how a child turns out?
How much impact does parenting have on the development of a child?
How much impact does the child's environment matter in who they become?

Jonah Lehrer discusses all these questions in this Wall Street Journal article. Its a very compelling piece.

Distractions can lead to better thinking...

This article from the Wall Street Journal by Jonah Lehrer explores the notion that being distracted while thinking about something specific can actually lead to more/better idea creation.

So often we try to force ourselves to really "focus" and generate a solution to a problem -- when in reality it may be more efficient to daydream or allow our minds to wander.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Use the Treadmill for training more effectively

Over the past 2.5 years i have been actively involved in Triathlons. I got bored of footraces and the training that goes with them and decided to give triathlons a try. I loved it. Not just race day but the training too. From day one i have never looked back. I still compete in a footrace from time to time but only as something to stay in shape between training season.

I became a triathlon addict. I began reading, studying and watching anything i could find on triathlons and triathlon training. I even created a 3-ring binder full of triathlon articles. That leads me to this post. Instead of printing everything out i will now just include enlightening triathlon/racing/training articles here as well.

I found this article on about using the treadmill more effectively in the "run" portion of training. I will take insight on how to make the "dreadmill" more pleasurable.

behind the scenes (literally) of Pixar Studios

I recently came across this video from The NewYork Times. It is a behind the scenes look at Pixar Studios in San Francisco. Its a mixture of "how they do that" and a basic look at their offices & studios. Very compelling stuff.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Truthiness...does it sell?

And the compelling thought-provoking pieces from Brene' Brown just keeping coming. From her TED talk - to her blog - to her website i just keep reading very profound "stuff." I invite you to discover it too.

Here is an article she wrote some time ago -- but its 'truth' is timeless. Enjoy.

Voice lessons from Dixie Chicks...

I have been on quite the journey of self-discovery lately. In doing so i have come across a researcher named Brene' Brown that has numerous articles, talks, & books that have me thoroughly intrigued.

Just today i read this piece on women having a voice of authenticity.
(note: this article was not necessarily for me and my journey -- as i am not a female -- however i did find truth in it and felt it was worth sharing with anyone)

Following well...

So many books, blogs, podcasts, conferences exist to discuss and promote "leadership" but there are so few on "followership." With that in mind here is a brief but to the point list of 7 tips from The Catalyst blog on following well. pleasing

An excellent but brief reminder by Seth Godin for anyone doing work that matters.