Monday, September 27, 2010

Lift a Rock Find a...

Of all the books i have the privilege and pleasure of reading to my children one of my favorites is "Lift a Rock...". One of the reasons is that it is a "lift the flap book" which both of my kids absolutely adore. Its always exciting to them to lift the flap and see what's underneath -- regardless if they have already read that particular book many times before. There is something about the discovery that is appealing to them even if the surprise is gone.

There is something about discovery that is appealing to me too. And like my kids it can be both a first time experience or just a re-discovery of something fantastic from the past. And in regards to that discovery i love to share that new found information/treasure with others. I am what Malcolm Gladwell calls a "maven" in his excellent book "Tipping Point." (this is a must read in my humble opinion)

So, with that said, i am now shoving off in a new and more consistent direction with my blog. I will be posting from time to time about a "new" discovery i have made and will use this space to share it with anyone that cares to read about it.

With that said: "Lift a rock and find...Ben Rector." Four times a year i receive a package in the mail from a company that sends me a sampling of new books & cd's to try out. Often the CD's are mix of little to no interest for me. In fact i often pass them on to others without even trying them out. This one time in particular i passed off Ben Rector's CD "Into the Morning" to my wife unopened.
The next time i was in her car i heard this very compelling music coming from the CD player. When i inquired about who it was the answer came: "Ben Rector...its one of those CD's you gave me." I immediately wanted the CD back for myself. If you are looking for some new fresh music you need to give this guy a try. Seriously, he is money. Check him out for yourself. You will be glad you did. I would attempt to describe his "sound" somehow but it would not do it justice and would only lead you to compare him to someone else in your mind. Ben Rector stands alone.

After you give it a listen...let me know what you think.
*Check out "Into the Morning" & try "Loving You Is Easy"/ "The Beat"/ "When a Heart Breaks"*
**I did not get paid for this advertisement but i would happily take any money sent my way.**