Thursday, January 5, 2012

How can a person live "meaningfully well"

In this article by Umair Haque that was posted on the Harvard Business Review blog he explores what it would take for one to live meaningfully well. He offers 3 lessons to people in their 20's -- but they are obviously worth reading regardless of your age or station in life.

Cultivate, create & forgive.

Marring the right/wrong person...

I recently came across this article by Timothy Keller on the Relevant website regarding why Americans "never marry the right person." The gist of this piece is that we misunderstand compatibility.

Whether you are married or not what Keller has to say is worth your time.

Don't over think decision making...

I am speaking to myself if no one else. I have a major tendency to over think decisions -- even the seemingly unimportant ones.

I am almost certain i have posted this article here before but regardless it is certainly worth reposting. This piece by Jocelyn Glei on 99% website is terrific and includes 5 tips in regards to daily decision making.