Wednesday, February 24, 2010

listening is learned...

Why is listening so dang hard to do? I am not necessarily referring to the "listening" one does when a friend is talking (although that is implied here too) -- i am referring to the listening that one should do daily when they slow their life down enough to hear God talking. It seems so difficult to do yet it is always so rewarding when accomplished.

And by "listening" i dont mean reading the bible or praying via asking for "things." I truly mean sitting in silence and focusing on nothing else but "hearing" well. Today i had that opportunity and took it. It was very meaningful and rewarding.

When i think of slowing down and quieting oneself -- i am also reminded of a story told by Rob Bell about a friend that had totally "jacked up" his back yet was UNABLE to feel the full intensity of the pain until he took some time of solitude days later. At that point the pain was so intense he could no longer be in solitude because he had to rush to the doctor.

Amazing how we rush through life and miss things bc we CHOOSE to not slow down and listen. And there are many things we miss waaaay more important than just back pain.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

words to live by...

I spent some time with a very wise man Monday morning. He dispensed this profound statement to me: "Handle the things that you can control. Let go of those things that you can not control."

It is very tempting to try and add to those words. But really there is no need -- so i will let them speak for their glorious selves.

Friday, February 19, 2010

why do we care...

...about this Tiger Woods "thing." His press conference today was covered by all the major news networks, dozens of cable networks, as well as countless internet sources. And it will be all that anyone in the media will be talking about and dissecting for weeks to come.

Which caused me to ask "why do we care" so much about this? There are certainly bigger and more profound things going on in the world. Things with more lasting impact. Things with a more personal impact. But still so much of the general population is talking about it (including me -- but hey i'm a sports fan in general and have followed golf for a majority of my life). In fact, i have fielded questions from at least 7 (just changed this number to 7 because another person interrupted my typing to ask what happened) different coworkers asking me what was said and what my reaction was to the famous Tiger Woods Apology Press Conference.

Do we care because he is uber-famous? Do we care because he is a dominant athlete? Do we care because he is the greatest golfer of all-time? Do we care because he committed moral failure that became very public? Do we care because it gives us something to talk about that makes us feel better about our own indescretions? Or do we care because the media saturates us with it and causes us to think we should care?

I don't care why you care...but i think it is worth asking yourself the question: "why do i care?"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

"know thyself"...

This ancient Greek aphorism has long been a motto i try to live by. If i don't know myself well i believe its impossible to most effectively live my life to the full.

With that in mind i recently completed a Myers-Briggs Personality Profile evaluation and first training course. VERY INSIGHTFUL. At first blush, i was skeptical...or at least hesistant. I did not want to be labeled or put in a box. But that doubt quickly turned to a high level of interest and introspection.

And not only "know thyself" -- know thy others around thee. Our Experience Team went through this process together along with all the other teams here on staff. Very informative, provocative, and compelling. I look forward to our next training sessions.

BTW: My 4 personality preferences are ISTJ. Can you tell i'm a "T"?!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The who is greater than the what...

I had dinner and idea sharing with some amazing people last night that are considering joining our Weekend Experience Team. And as i was sharing some vision and ideas with them i caught myself being "wowed" by the group. The potential and value of the people in the room is off the charts.

So i began asking myself "why am i so impressed with these people?" And it came to me -- its not because of what they have done...its because of who they are. That may seem elementary or even obvious. But how often do we look to people for "what" they can do or offer us instead of "who" they are and where that will lead us.

Jim Collins has already expounded on this philosophy in his book "Good to Great" -- in describing the "first who...then what" principal. But until it actually hits you over the head and confronts you to your face it just doesn't have the same weight and profound influence.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

memorable moments...

So i have this vision that our Weekend Experience Team (staff & volunteers) will be able to create memorable moments for anyone that attends SCC on a weekend. And i believe through these moments we will eventually create a movement that will revolutionize the way the weekend is "experienced" by those showing up here regardless if its their first visit or their tenth year.

Monday, February 15, 2010

A culture of gratitude

This past weekend at Southland i saw a somewhat familiar face bring in a bag of 4 dozen, fresh & hot from the oven, Krispy Kreme donuts. This guy dropped them off at the children's check-in desk for the all the Children's Ministry workers. I inquired more and found out that he does this often.

And from personal experience i know this guy has also brought breakfast to the "green room" on a Sunday morning just as a way to say "thanks" for those that are a part of the weekend service.

More than 24 hours later i am still wowed by his actions and very much appreciate the culture he is creating around here. One person at a time, behind the scenes, making memorable moments leading to a movement.

Thanks Ben!