Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Break through the Training Plateau

Terry Laughlin of Total Immersion provides some good insight on how to break through plateaus in training regardless of the sport/event. This article identifies 3 types of people once a plateau is reached. Which one are you?

Swimming is excellent for recovery...

Not only swimming an excellent recovery method and something triathletes are already scheduling, but research shows that it may be "the best" recovery method. This article by Matt Fitzgerald of gives solid insight & proof via research.

Nutrition Info for Sprint/Olympic Tri's

The info given in this article on is very helpful as it relates to nutrition before & during the event. I was surprised at some of the advice given here by Rich Strauss of Endurance Nation.

Injury Prevention Tips for Endurance Training

This article on written by Vic Brown of VeloNews provides 10 solid tips to avoid injuries.

Improve Bike Splits...

This article has 3 solid tips on being faster on the bike portion of a Triathlon Race.